Integrated measurement and modeling of Sierra Nevada water budget

Prototype of instrument cluster for mountain hydrology

Observatory design in the mountain west

Poster: Observatory design in the mountain west

USFS adaptive management in the Sierra Nevada research

The proposed observatory offers a platform for studying the variability in htydrologic processes across the western us spanning a range of landscapres, latitudes, elevations and thus climate, soils, geology and vegetation zones. As a platform for research, the SNHO will:

- Measure hydrologic phenomena over spatial scales that describe the range’s intertwined hydrologic and ecological processes, long enough to identify inter-annual variability and explore natural vs. human-induced changes.
- Create a legacy of well-designed observations and experiments for present and future use.
- Foster collaborations among scientists from different disciplines and institutions.
- Provide baseline data and support process studies that will advance understanding and predictions of water and other resources.
- Provide information for the solution of societal problems through partnerships involving scientists, resource managers and other decision makers.
How do hydrologic systems that are subjectd to multiple perturbations respond?
How do pulses and changes propagate through the hydrologic system?
What are the time lags and delays of stressses in different systems?
How can the predictive ability for thses responses be improved?

More specific Science questions

Seirra Nevada Hydrologic Observatory

Contact: Roger Bales, | Bob Rice, | Sierra Nevada Research Institute | CUASHI