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In choosing the Sierra Nevada, the planning group first asked what science questions are driving the need for an observatory in the Western U.S., i.e. (i) what is changing that drives the need for new hydrologic understanding, (ii) what critical systems are a priority for the hydrologic science community, and (iii) what key questions require new infrastructure investments and sustained measurement? To best address hydrologic issues in the greater semi-arid west, we concluded that a Hydrologic Observatory must serve a broad community, but it also needs focus—it cannot contain every bit of complexity that is in the real world and still yield breakthrough research results.

Please join the planning groups, which operate using teleconferences.
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Individuals from several institutions contributed to initial SNHO planning.

There is a more information regarding proposal preparation & detailed planning on a private web site.
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Sierra Nevada Hydrologic Observatory

Contact: Roger Bales, | Bob Rice, | Sierra Nevada Research Institute | CUASHI