Chancellor Steve Kang Introductory Remarks
Steve Kang, Chancellor, UC Merced
Paul Douglas "Challenges of Meeting the 2020 RPS Goal”
Paul Douglas, Supervisor, Renewable Procurement and Resource Planning, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
Sarah Kurtz High-Efficiency Solar Cells for Large-Scale Electricity Generation
Sarah Kurtz, Principal Scientist, National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Martha Krebs Renewable Energy and California's Future
Martha Krebs, Deputy Director for Energy Research and Development, California Energy Commission (CEC)
Roland Winston Nonimaging Optics
Roland Winston, Professor of Natural Sciences & Engineering Chair, UC Merced
Arno Penzias Solar Energy: What’s New, What’s Next, and What’s Needed
Arno Penzias, Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates and Nobel Laureate


Nicola Cabibbo “Solar Energy Now – A Global Perspective”
Nicola Cabibbo, Professor, University of Rome, Sapienza and President, Pontifical Academy of Sciences

"Solar Energy: Today and Tomorrow
A UCMERI Panel Moderated by Maria Pallavicini, Dean, School of Natural Sciences

David Kelley "Nanotechnology in Solar Engergy Conversion"
David Kelley, Professor of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
Roland Winston "Nonimaging Optics for Solar Thermal Power"
Roland Winston, Professor of Natural Sciences & Engineering Chair, UC Merced
Carlos Coimbra "The Solar Power Forecasting Initiative (SPFI)"
Carlos Coimbra, Associate Professor of Engineering, UC Merced
Gerardo Diaz "Numerical Simulations of Evacuated-tube Solar Collectors"
Gerardo Diaz, Assistant Professor of Engineering, UC Merced