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Everything you probably never wanted to find out about me!

Michael Modest was born in the land of Schloessern, in the city of Berlin.

In this picture you can admire "the artist as a young man", i.e., my first day of school many million years ago. That was in a suburb of Hamburg. I guess, that makes me a hamburger as well as a berliner (a.k.a. a jelly donut). But then, my "dipple-ink" degree is from Munich.

As the pictures on the main page showed you, it went downhill from there. On the brighter side, here are pictures of my better half, Monika (she's from St.Gallen), and of my kids, Mara , and Michelle (pictures taken in 2004).

You may want to check out the page for the Nittany Valley Halfmarathon, which I was foolish enough to run on December 7, 1996. Can you find my picture? And again in 1997, with a terrible cold..., and again in 1998, and in 1999 (with a cold again); there seems to be a trend here. Of course, the girls leave me in the dust, doing megatransects, Boston Marathon (bib no. 11602 in 2005 and 10114 in 2006), etc. I finally got so jealous that, after 23 years, I ran another marathon, the NCR trail marathon: did pretty well (my picture on the main page is from the awards ceremony half hour after the run). Of course, Monika was in a league of her own again, beating me by 42min....but then I blew away my competition (i.e., the old geezer crowd) at the 2006 Megatransect.

You may also want to check out my alter ego, the Nittany Hash House Harriers: a beer drinking club with a running problem (or is it a running club with a drinking problem?), which I founded in 1987.