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Effect of crystal orientation and diameter on the mechanical properties of single-crystal MgAl2O4 spinel nanowires 2018-02-14
The role of hierarchical design and morphology in the mechanical response of diatom-inspired structures via simulation 2008-05-01
Tensile nanomechanics and the Hall-Petch effect in nanocrystalline aluminum 2017-10-04
Deformation modes and structural response of diatom frustules 2008-05-01
Virtual Benefits to Materials Science (Interview, 2017) 2008-05-01
Prof. Davila - CV, Publications and Other (Updated March 2018) 2008-05-01
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Well Being - Stress and Time Management 2015-01-29
3D/VR Visualization System - Dissemination of Research Results and Products 2014-04-20
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Prof. Lilian Davila 2009-10-04
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News (May 2017): Interview of PI by The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, United Kingdom 2017-05-24
News (2016-17): PI Talk on YouTube 2017-05-24
News (May 2012): Research Group on UCTV's "Our Digital Life" series 2012-08-08
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