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Portal - McCloskey Lab

If you are interested in joining the McCloskey lab, please contact Professor Kara McCloskey at

Postdoctoral Fellow

Willam Turner, PhDWilliam


Dr. Turner is an NIH-funded National Research Service Award (NRSA)  postdoctoral fellow working on a project involving the development of a living cardiac patch for replacement of ischemic cardiac tissue.  He is exploring combinations of materials for cardiac cell encapsulation and alignment. 




Graduate Students



Silin_2012Silin Sa, 4th year

Silin is a PhD student focused on a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine-funded project entitled “Building Cardiac Tissue from Stem Cells and Natural Matrices”.   This project focuses on stem cell differentiation towards cardiovascular lineages for building 3-dimensional tissues (cardiac and vascular) with the differentiated cells. 









Kara and Drew_v2Drew Glaser, 3rd year

Drew is an PhD student at UC, Merced and IGERT fellow.  Drew’s research project involves derivation of a new embryonic stem-cell line with dual endothelial and smooth muscle promoters under RFP and GFP for studying real time morpological vascular development and vascularization of tissues in nanosilk fibers.







Anley Tefera, MS

Graduate student in UC, Merced's Graduate Program in Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies.  Studying the development of a cell stretching device for cardiac cells and tissue maturation and preservation.



Nicole Madfis, MS

Graduate student in UC, Merced's Graduate Program in Quantitative and Systems Biology.  Studying the derivation, purification, characterization, and plasticity of tip, stalk, and phalanx-type endothelial cells from stem cells.




Undergraduate Students

Rachel Hatano

Lian Wong

Andrew Burns

Robert Puccinelli

Stacey Van

Nabjot Sandhu