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Portal - Representative Publications

1.   Blancas AA, Shih AA, Lauer NE, McCloskey KE.  Induction of Endothelial Cells from Murine Embryonic Stem Cells in Chemically-Defined Medium. Stem Cells and Development, 2011; 20(12): 2153-2161.

2. Turner W, McCloskey KE.  Rapid Fibroblast Removal from High Density Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures.  Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2012 e3951, DOI: 10.3791/3951

3. Sa S, Nguyen D, Pegan, JD, Khine M, McCloskey KE.  Round-Bottomed Honeycomb Microwells: Embryoid Body Shape Correlates with Stem Cell Fate, Journal of Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering, 2012, May; 4(2):12-22.

4. Blancas AA, Chen C, Stolberg S, McCloskey KE.  Adhesive Forces in Embryonic Stem Cells. Cell Adhesion and Migration, 2011 Nov 1;5(6):472-9.

5. Glaser D, Gower RM, Lauer NE, Tam K, Blancas AA, Simon SI, McCloskey KE.  Functional Regulation of Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Cells. Journal of Vascular Research, 2011;48:415-428.

6.  Luna PJ, Ciriza J, Garcia-Ojeda M, Lieu DK, Li RA, Fowlkes CC, Khine M, McCloskey KE. Multi-scale Biomimetic Topography for the Alignment of Neonatal and Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Heart Cells. Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 2011;17(5):579-88. Received the CoverHighlight

7.  Nguyen D, Sa S, Pegan JD, Rich B, Xianga G, McCloskey KE, Manilay J, Khine M. Tunable shrink-induced honeycomb microwell arrays for uniform embryoid bodies. Lab on a Chip, 2009; 9:3338-3344. Received the Inside CoverHighlight

8.  Invited: Stolberg S, McCloskey KE.  Can Shear Stress Direct Stem Cell Fate?  Biotechnology Progress, 2009; 25(1): 10-19. Top 10 most-accessed manuscripts in Biotechnology Progress during February 2009.

9.  Chen C, Pegan J, Luna J, Xia B, McCloskey K, Chin W, Khine M. Shrinky-Dink Hanging Drops: A Simple Way to Form and Culture Embryoid Bodies.  Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2008;

10.  McCloskey KE, Smith D, Jo H, Nerem RM.  Embryonic stem cell-derived endothelial cells may lack complete functional maturation in vitro. Journal of Vascular Research 2006; 43(5):411-421.

11.  McCloskey KE, Gilroy ME, Nerem RM.  Use of Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Cells as a Cell Source to Generate Vessel Structures In Vitro. Tissue Engineering 2005; 11:497-505.

12.  McCloskey KE, Lyons I, Rao RR, Stice SL, Nerem RM.  Purified and proliferating endothelial cells derived and expanded in vitro from embryonic stem cells. Endothelium 2003; 10:329-336.