Jimei Yang (杨济美)

Senior Research Scientist
Adobe Research, San Jose, CA
Email: jimyang -at- adobe.com

I received my Ph.D. degree from UC Merced in 2015 under supervision of Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang. I was a visiting Ph.D. student in Prof. Honglak Lee's group at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2015. Previously, I received my Master's degree from University of Science and Technology of China under supervision of Prof. Stan Z. Li and Prof. Zengfu Wang. (CV)


My research mission is learning fundamental structures from large-scale visual data that connect real and virtual worlds and solving problems in human sensing, character animation, image and video synthesis.



If you are a motivated PhD student interested in doing research projects with me at Adobe, please send me an email with your resume.


(My Google scholar page)
    Pose with Style: Detail-Preserving Pose-Guided Image Synthesis with Conditional StyleGAN
    Badour AlBahar, Jingwan Lu, Jimei Yang, Zhixin Shu, Eli Shechtman, and Jia-Bin Huang
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021. [paper] [project]

    HuMoR: 3D Human Motion Model for Robust Pose Estimation
    Davis Rempe, Tolga Birdal, Aaron Hertzmann, Jimei Yang, Srinath Sridhar, Leonidas J. Guibas
    ICCV 2021. (oral) [paper] [project]

    Stochastic Scene-Aware Motion Prediction
    Mohamed Hassan, Duygu Ceylan, Ruben Villegas, Jun Saito, Jimei Yang, Yi Zhou, Michael Black
    ICCV 2021. [paper] [project]

    Contact-Aware Retargetting of Skinned Motion
    Ruben Villegas, Duygu Ceylan, Aaron Hertzmann, Jimei Yang, Jun Saito
    ICCV 2021. [paper] [project]

    Statistics-based Motion Synthesis for Social Conversations
    Yanzhe Yang, Jimei Yang, Jessica Hodgins
    SCA 2020. [paper] [project]

    Interactive Liquid Splash Modeling by User Sketches
    Guowei Yan, Zhili Chen, Jimei Yang, Huamin Wang
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2020. [preprint]

    Contact and Human Dynamics from Monocular Video
    Davis Rempe, Leonidas J. Guibas, Aaron Hertzmann, Bryan Russell, Ruben Villegas, Jimei Yang
    ECCV 2020. (spotlight) [paper] [project]

    High-Resolution Image Inpainting with Iterative Confidence Feedback and Guided Upsampling
    Yu Zeng, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Jianming Zhang, Eli Shechtman, Huchuan Lu
    ECCV 2020. [paper]

    3D Ken Burns Effect from a Single Image
    Simon Niklaus, Long Mai, Jimei Yang, Feng Liu
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. [paper] [project]

    FreiHAND: A Dataset for Markerless Capture of Hand Pose and Shape from Single RGB Images
    Christian Zimmermann, Duygu Ceylan, Jimei Yang, Bryan Russell, Max Argus, Thomas Brox
    ICCV 2019. [paper] [code]

    Free-Form Image Inpainting with Gated Convolution
    Jiahui Yu, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Xiaohui Shen, Xin Lu, Thomas S Huang
    ICCV 2019. (oral) [paper] [code]

    Multimodal Style Transfer via Graph Cuts
    Yulun Zhang, Chen Fang, Yilin Wang, Zhaowen Wang, Zhe Lin, Yun Fu, Jimei Yang
    ICCV 2019. [paper]

    Foreground-aware Image Inpainting
    Wei Xiong, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Xin Lu, Connelly Barnes, Jiebo Luo
    CVPR 2019. [paper] [project and code]

    On the Continuity of Rotation Representations in Neural Networks
    Yi Zhou, Connelly Barnes, Jingwan Lu, Jimei Yang, Hao Li
    CVPR 2019. [paper] [project and code]

    LayoutGAN: Generating Graphic Layouts with Wireframe Discriminator
    Jianan Li, Jimei Yang, Aaron Hertzmann, Jianming Zhang, Tingfa Xu
    ICLR 2019. [paper] [code]

    BodyNet: Volumetric Inference of 3D Human Body Shapes
    Gül Varol, Duygu Ceylan, Bryan Russell, Jimei Yang, Ersin Yumer, Ivan Laptev, Cordelia Schmid
    ECCV 2018. [paper] [code]

    Flow-Grounded Spatial-Temporal Video Prediction from Still Images
    Yijun Li, Chen Fang, Jimei Yang, Zhaowen Wang, Xin Lu, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    ECCV 2018. [paper] [code]

    Brush Stroke Synthesis with a Generative Adversarial Network Driven by Physically Based Simulation
    Rundong Wu, Zhili Chen, Zhaowen Wang, Jimei Yang, Steve Marschner
    Expressive 2018. [paper]

    Neural Kinematic Networks for Unsupervised Motion Retargeting
    Ruben Villegas, Jimei Yang, Duygu Ceylan, Honglak Lee
    CVPR 2018. (oral) [paper] [project] [code]

    PlaneNet: Piece-wise Planar Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
    Chen Liu, Jimei Yang, Duygu Ceylan, Ersin Yumer, Yasutaka Furukawa
    CVPR 2018. (spotlight) [paper] [project]

    Generative Image Inpainting with Contextual Attention
    Jiahui Yu, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Xiaohui Shen, Xin Lu, Thomas Huang
    CVPR 2018. [paper] [project]

    MatNet: Modular Attention Network for Referring Expression Comprehension
    Licheng Yu, Zhe Lin, Xiaohui Shen, Jimei Yang, Xin Lu, Mohit Bansal, Tamara Berg
    CVPR 2018. [paper] [project]

    Universal Style Transfer via Feature Transforms
    Yijun Li, Chen Fang, Jimei Yang, Zhaowen Wang, Xin Lu, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    NIPS 2017 [paper] [Torch code]

    Predicting Scene Parsing and Motion Dynamics in the Future
    Xiaojie Jin, Huaxin Xiao, Xiaohui Shen, Jimei Yang, Zhe Lin, Yunpeng Chen, Zequn Jie, Jiashi Feng, Shuicheng Yan
    NIPS 2017 [paper]

    Material Editing Using a Physically Based Rendering Network
    Guilin Liu, Duygu Ceylan, Ersin Yumer, Jimei Yang, Jyh-Ming Lien
    ICCV 2017. (spotlight) [paper]

    Recurrent Multimodal Interaction for Referring Image Segmentation
    Chenxi Liu, Zhe Lin, Xiaohui Shen, Jimei Yang, Xin Lu, Alan Yuille
    ICCV 2017. [paper]

    3D-PRNN: Generating Shape Primitives With Recurrent Neural Networks
    Chuhang Zou, Ersin Yumer, Jimei Yang, Duygu Ceylan, Derek Hoiem
    ICCV 2017. [paper]

    Video Scene Parsing With Predictive Feature Learning
    Xiaojie Jin, Xin Li, Huaxin Xiao, Xiaohui Shen, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Yunpeng Chen, Jian Dong, Luoqi Liu, Zequn Jie, Jiashi Feng, Shuicheng Yan
    ICCV 2017. [paper]

    FoveaNet: Perspective-Aware Urban Scene Parsing
    Xin Li, Zequn Jie, Wei Wang, Changsong Liu, Jimei Yang, Xiaohui Shen, Zhe Lin, Qiang Chen, Shuicheng Yan, Jiashi Feng
    ICCV 2017. (oral) [paper]

    Learning to Generate Long-term Future via Hierarchical Prediction
    Ruben Villegas, Jimei Yang, Yuliang Zou, Sungryull Sohn, Xunyu Lin, Honglak Lee
    ICML 2017. [paper] [project] [code]

    Transformation-Grounded Image Generation Network for Novel 3D View Synthesis
    Eunbyung Park, Jimei Yang, Ersin Yumer, Duygu Ceylan, Alex Berg
    CVPR 2017. [paper] [project] [arXiv]

    Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images
    Yu-Wei Chao, Jimei Yang, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Jia Deng
    CVPR 2017. [paper] [project] [arXiv]

    Generative Face Completion
    Yijun Li, Sifei Liu, Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2017. [paper] [project]

    Diversified Texture Synthesis with Feed-forward Networks
    Yijun Li, Chen Fang, Jimei Yang, Zhaowen Wang, Xin Lu, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2017. (spotlight) [paper] [project]

    Decomposing Motion and Content for Natural Video Sequence Prediction
    Ruben Villegas, Jimei Yang, Seunghoon Hong, Xunyu Lin, Honglak Lee
    ICLR 2017 [paper] [project]

    Top-Down Visual Saliency via Joint CRF and Dictionary Learning
    Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    TPAMI, Vol. 39, No. 3, March 2017 [paper]

    Perspective Transformer Nets: Learning Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction without 3D Supervision
    Xinchen Yan, Jimei Yang, Ersin Yumer, Honglak Lee
    NIPS 2016 [paper] [supp] [Torch code] [TensorFlow code]

    Attribute2Image: Conditional Image Generation from Visual Attributes
    Xinchen Yan, Jimei Yang, Kihyuk Sohn, Honglak Lee
    ECCV 2016 [paper] [arXiv] [project] [code] [demo]

    Object Contour Detection with a Fully Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network
    Jimei Yang, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Honglak Lee, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2016. (spotlight) [paper] [arXiv] [project]

    Deep Interactive Object Selection
    Ning Xu, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Jimei Yang, Thomas Huang
    CVPR 2016. [paper]

    Object Tracking via Dual Linear Structured SVM and Explicit Feature Map
    Jifeng Ning, Jimei Yang, Shaojie Jiang, Lei Zhang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2016. [paper] [code] [project]

    Weakly-supervised Disentangling with Recurrent Transformations for 3D View Synthesis
    Jimei Yang, Scott Reed, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Honglak Lee
    NIPS 2015. [paper] [arXiv] [slides] [demo] [talk video] [GitHub]

    PatchCut: Data-Driven Object Segmentation via Local Shape Transfer
    Jimei Yang, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Zhe Lin, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2015. [paper] [results]

    Multi-Objective Convolutional Learning for Face Labeling
    Sifei Liu, Jimei Yang, Chang Huang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2015. [paper]

    Extracting Image Regions by Structured Edge Detection
    Yi-Ting Chen, Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    WACV 2015. [paper] [code]

    Max-Margin Boltzmann Machines for Object Segmentation
    Jimei Yang, Simon Safar, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2014. [paper] [supp] [code] [Caltech-UCSD Birds 200 masks]

    Context Driven Scene Parsing with Attention to Rare Classes
    Jimei Yang, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2014. (oral) [paper] [slides] [code] [Results on SIFTflow] [Results on LMSun]

    Exemplar Cut
    Jimei Yang, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    ICCV 2013 [paper] [supp] [code]

    Decomposed Learning for Joint Object Segmentation and Categorization
    Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    BMVC 2013 [paper]

    Top-Down Visual Saliency via Joint CRF and Dictionary Learning
    Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    CVPR 2012 [paper] [code]

    Transferring Visual Prior for Online Object Tracking
    Qing Wang, Feng Chen, Jimei Yang, Wenli Xu, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    TIP, Vol. 21, No. 7, July, 2012 [paper]

    Learning Hierarchical Image Representation with Sparsity, Saliency and Locality
    Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    BMVC 2011 (oral) [paper] [code]

Professional Activities

  • Area Chair or Senior Program Committee
    • AAAI 2021
    • ICCV 2019
    • BMVC 2018
  • Conference Reviewer
    • NIPS 2013 - 2020
    • CVPR 2015 - 2020
    • ICCV 2015, 2017
    • ECCV 2014, 2016, 2018
    • ICML 2016, 2017, 2018
    • ICLR 2016, 2017
    • IJCAI 2016
    • IROS 2012
  • Journal Reviewer
    • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)
    • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)
    • Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)
    • Image and Visual Computing (IVC)
    • Neural Networks
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Vision and Applications (MVA)