Single-Image Super-Resolution: A Benchmark

Chih-Yuan Yang, Chao Ma, and Ming-Hsuan Yang

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of California, Merced, USA

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Code Release Version

07/18/2014 v1.0 First release

10/25/2014 v1.0 update. We update a file Code\Ours\U5_ReadFileNameList.m to fix a bug that the function only loads the first entry of a filelist on Ubuntu due to the difference of EndOfLine on Windows and Linux.

09/06/2015 v1.1 This version is a subset of v1.0 containing the code only rather than the generated images to reduce the file size.

11/16/2015 v1.2 size: 22GB. This version is an update of v1.1 for missing libraries.

12/08/2017 v1.3 size: 22GB. This version is an update of v1.2 for the missing subjective scores.

Download sites: [Baidu Pan sharing folder] [Google Drive sharing folder]


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to download the low-resolution test images of your experiments if I am only interested in them?
A: You can use your browser or ftp client to find them. They are in the released folders /Code/Ours/Image_LowResolution/BSD200 and /Code/Ours/Image_LowResolution/LIVE1.