Chih-Yuan Yang Chih-Yuan Yang
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of California, Merced

My interests are computer vision and computational photography, and my research focuses on single-image super-resolution.

email: cyang35 at


Single-Image Super-Resolution: A Benchmark
Chih-Yuan Yang, Chao Ma and Ming-Hsuan Yang
ECCV 2014
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Fast Direct Super-Resolution by Simple Functions
Chih-Yuan Yang and Ming-Husan Yang
ICCV 2013
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Structured Face Hallucination
Chih-Yuan Yang, Sifei Liu and Ming-Husan Yang
CVPR 2013
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Exploiting Self-Similarities for Single Frame Super-Resolution
Chih-Yuan Yang, Jia-Bin Huang and Ming-Husan Yang
ACCV 2010
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