J Visa Processing System

Welcome to J Visa Processing System. The School of Engineering faculty members may submit request for J Visa processing on behalf of a candidate you wish to hire for a research appointment or postdoctoral scholar appointment. You may come back and check the case status, approve the forms when they are ready.

Here are some notes regarding funding, timelines and fees:

  1. Minimum funding of $1,600/month for primary; $500/month spouse; $300/month each dependent child
  2. 3 month OIA minimum J visa processing time to selected start date without expedited fee
  3. 2 week minimum processing time on top of OIA processing time for School of Engineering
  4. 2 week minimum processing time for Academic Personnel in addition to OIA and SOE processing time

For faculty sponsors, please use your UCM Net ID and password to Log in.

For J Visa beneficiaries

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If you have any questions or comments, please send mail to SoE-Personnel@ucmerced.edu or call (209) 228-2261.