Engineering Service Learning

Service Learning is a class in which students learn-by-doing, working on teams with nonprofit community partner organizations on specific business, engineering or educational challenges. The teams typically encompass all grade levels and engineering disciplines (as well as a few other majors). Students gain valuable experience in engineering design, teamwork, professional ethics, communications, and community engagement.

The Skill Sessions workshop series (part of the course) offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge and experience in technical and professional skills relevant to their disciplines.

Tom Harmon mentors two Service Learning teams, which are described further below. If you are interested in enrolling in one of these classes, please complete the brief online application at the Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning. Click on the 'Engineering Service Learning/Prospective Students' application tab near in the upper menu.


Wetlands Service Learning Team - The Wetlands team have been actively engaged with its client, the Grassland Environmental Education Cehter (GEECe) for several years. The Team has developed and maintained a solar-powered, wireless webcam for GEECe and maintains an website that hosts the camera feed (photo above)--check in to see if it's operating: Wetlands website .

San Joaquin River (SJR) Service Learning Team - The SJR team is working on the outreach component of our NSF Water Sustainability & Climate grant (see: WSC research page for more information. The Team has been active for just over one semester now, and is designing a modular, solar-powered interactive kiosk to engage and educate the general public about key sustainability issues in Central California and similar regions..