Leaf Cutter Ants project launch! [Sept 2014]

Tom traveled to the La Selva Biological Reserve in Costa Rica in August 2014 to begin a project examining the role played by some of nature's best engineers (leaf cutter ants) in rainforest carbon cycling.

Sino-American sustainability workshop [Aug 2013]

Tom H traveled to Washington, DC to participate in a Sino-US workshop on sustainability, The workshop brought together a mix of U.S. and Chinese scientists to explore the possibility of establishing collaborative research and advisory teams to explore strategies for developing sustainable adaptive resource management in China in the face growing population, rapid economic growth, and changing climate. The workshop was supported and hosted by the US National Science Foundation.

Henry Pai completes his PhD qualifying exam! [Dec 2013]

Lab member Henry successfully completed the Environmental Systems Qualifying Exam. This exam tests the student's ability to craft and defend interesting and important research questions. Congratulations Hank! Henry is now working on his dissertation project on the topic of groundwater-surface water discharges as they relate to river stage and land use.

Sandra Villamizar successfully defends dissertation! [Aug 2013]

Lab member Sandra defended her dissertation in early August. Doctoral dissertations take a long time, including many hours of reading, analysis and (of course) writing. By they time you're done, sometimes it's hard to feel anything but tired. Well, feel proud Sandra because you did it! Congratulations Sandra! In case you're wondering, Sandra is still around UC Merced, teaching Hydrology & Climate (EnvE 110), working on manuscripts from her dissertation and performing new research on the SAFER and SAVI projects.