Faculty Information System

The University of California requires that each faculty member have on record a Curriculum Vitae or Biographical Bibliography (biobib), which should be updated annually. The School of Engineering provides this biobib management system to be used for this purpose.

The system allows faculty to (1) input all relevant biobib information in the format mandated by the University of California; (2) edit and modify biobib information at any time; and (3) format and print copies of their biobib for use as needed. Because the entries into the Engineering biobib system are stored as objects in a database, the information may be used for a variety of other purposes, such to nourish the School website(s), or to produce other academic reports such as for proposals and other UC reporting functions.

By using this system on a continual basis, the need for periodic updating of faculty CVs and biobibs--and thus these other documents--become essentially an ongoing maintenance activity.

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