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This archive of documents is being migrated to the Sierra Nevada San Joaquin Hydrologic Observatory Digital Library. All content below was last added or modified in 2012.

**Please contact SSCZO Outreach Manager about usage agreements for photos and images contained within. Some images are not permitted for use by parties unaffiliated with UC Merced. Direct questions to mgilmore2 (at) ucmerced (dot) edu.**

SS-CZO Conference Presentations

For AGU presentations see: 2011 || 2010 || 2009 || 2008 || 2007


Meadows, M, P.C. Hartsough, J.W. Hopmans, A. Malazian, B. Kerkez, R. Bales, A. Kelly, M. Goulden. Comparing methods for quantifying soil moisture in the southern Sierra Nevada, California. Joint Meeting of the Second International Soil Sensing Technology Conference, the Soil Physics Technical Committee Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI, January 3-7, 2012.


NSF briefing, March 2011: pptx

2011 CZO All Hands Meeting Presentations: Posters || Talks || Bales_2011allhands_poster.pptx

Bales, R. C. The California mountain water cycle: knowns & unknowns, NAE Regional meeting, UC Berkeley, March 31, 2011.

Enders, Sara K. , Benjamin Z Houlton, Carolyn Hunsaker, and Dale Johnson. Isotopic evidence for shifts in N cycling across rain/snow transitions in the Sierra Nevada. Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society for America. Austin Texas, 2011.

Hartsough, P.C., E. Eumont, A. Malazian, E. Roudneva, R. Storesund, A. Moradi, and J.W. Hopmans. Root structure and function through whole tree root excavation: Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, August 5, 2011.

Kerkez. B, Glaser. S. Leveraging real-time hydrologic data for the control of large-scale water distribution systems in the Sierra Nevada. SPIE 2011, San Diego, CA.

Johnson, D.W., W.W. Miller, B.M. Rau, and M.W. Meadows. The nature and potential causes of nutrient hotspots in a Sierran Forest soil. Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX (Oct 16-19, 2011).

Riebe C. S., Lukens, C. E.*, Sklar, L. S., Beyeler, J. D., Shuster, D. L. 2011. Keynote Lecture: Inferring process from provenance using apatite (U-Th)/He ages of coarse sediment in mountain streams. Mineralogical Magazine. Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011.

Riebe C. S., Ferrier, K. L., Hahm, W. J.*, Kirchner, J. W. 2011. Invited Lecture: Supply-limited and kinetic-limited weathering. Mineralogical Magazine. Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011.


Hopmans J.W. The California Critical Zone Observatory (CZO). Spring Hydrology Seminar, Institute for Water and Watersheds, Oregon State University. May, 2010.

Hopmans, J.W. Measurements and Modeling of Tree Hydrology Across Rain-to-Snow Transition in the Kings River Experimental Watershed, CA. Civil Engineering Seminar Series. University of California Irvine. March, 2010

Johnson, D. W., Hunsaker, C., Rau, B., Roath, B., Carbon and Nutrient Contents in Soils From the King's River Experimental Watershed, Sierran Nevada Mountains, California., Soil Science Society of America, Long Beach, CA. November 3, 2010.

Kerkez B., Glaser S., Dracup J., and Bales R., (2010). A hybrid system model of seasonal snowpack water balance. In Proceedings of the 13th ACM international conference on Hybrid systems: computation and control (HSCC '10).

Summary presentation at annual all-CZO meeting, Sept 13, 2010 at CU Boulder: pdf pptx


Summary presentation at annual all-CZO meeting, Sept 14, 2009 at Penn State: pdf

CZO briefing at NSF, April 09: pdf || ppt

Nitrogen Hotspots in Sierra Nevada Forest Soils, BIOGEOMON meeting, Helsinki, Finland, June 29 - July 3, 2009 pdf || ppt

Hot Spots and Hot Moments: Another Look at Nutrient Variability in Sierra Nevada Forest Soils, Soil Society of America, November 2009

Hot spots ans hot moments: another look at nitrogen variability in Sierra Nevada forest soils, BIOGEOMON, Finnish Forest Research Institute, June 30, 2009

Tague, C. Modeling eco-hydrology under a changing climate, how much do subsurface drainage patterns matter?, Berkeley Catchment Science Symposium, Berkeley, CA, December 13, 2009

Hartsough, P., A. Malaizan, M. Meadows, J.W. Hopmans, R. Bales, Closing the Loop: Moisture dynamics across the soil/biotic interface in a mid-elevation forested landscape, Sierra Nevada, CA. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, August 5, 2009


Hartsough, P., F. Kizito, A. Tuli, T. Kamai, A. Malaizan, R. Bales, A. Broad, J.W. Hopmans , Remote Environmental Monitoring with Three Wireless Sensor Networks, Hands-On CUASHI/HMF Workshop, Distributed Sensing: Taking it to the Field, Boulder, CO, July 16-18, 2008

Hydroclimate, ecosystem links & the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory, Southern Sierra Science Symposium, Visalia, CA, Sept 4-5, 2008 pdf || ppt


Poster presented at WATERS testbed meeting in Baltimore, Oct 22-23, 2007