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Annual report, Jun 2015: Submitted_pdf.pdf || Additional_Reporting_SSCZO.pdf || Figures_accomplishments4.pdf || SSCZO_Mgmt_Plan_2014.pdf

PPointe: R. Bales comments at Belmont Forum briefing, May 7, 2012


PPointe file, panel comments at IBM colloquium, Sept 2011

Mar 11 RSV: final (Bales_SS_CZO_nsf0311.pptx) || (draft3).pptx

Brochure, 11/14: SSCZO_Draft4.pdf | pptx || Sensor_draft.pdf | pptx

Nov 14: Figures_1112.pdf || Manu1114.docx

Aug 10: Useful CZO GIS layers (zip files): Providence.zip || CZO_boundary.zip

April6: Documents moved to link: snri.ucmerced.edu/CZO/NSF0409


Manuscripts: email rbales@ucmerced.edu if passwd needed.
WSN Draft wsn_0301.pdf
CZO snow-soil draft: Submit_010511.pdf || Manu_20110105.docx || Response_to_comments3.docx|| Revised_resubmitted_0705 (pdf)
KREW Water Draft Text.pdf || text2.docx || Figures.pdf
KREW Geochem draft: KREW2_20100708.doc || AllFigTab070910.pdf
Dalej: SS-S-11-00088.pdf Submitted 3-2-11. The Nature and Potential Causes of Nutrient Hot Spots In a Sierra Nevada Forest Soil

LIDAR 2009

Sept 2008 meeting: DJ_update

AGU poster: CZOposter1207 draft (16 mb)

Documents sent by NSF, Oct 25, 2007: Meeting with CZO PIs || ManagementNotes102407 || Award conditions official || NSF-EAR data policy

Proposal: Project description || Project summary || Reviews from proposal BROKEN LINK || SH

CZO Site Visit notes from Oct 11

Background material

rhessys info BROKEN LINK || DJ soils info BROKEN LINK || CH letter on existing instrumentation

Draft Ppointe for CZEN meeting: SSNczo0907 || slides 3, 4, 5 & 7 are the basic information
photos of KREW

KREW Quality Assurance Project Plan (13 mb)

CZO conference call 091107 (draft)

Inter-CZO meetings: CZO_MeetingDec07doc

Suggested project/study/grad student themes:

Soil pit photos (zip)



For more internal documents, see link (snho5/czo5)
SNRI Files Page

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Snowmelt, infiltration, and soil moisture in

Proposal for total removal and harvesting of CZT


NPI 2011: Climate_1_2011.pdf || Climate_2_2011.pdf || Climate_3_2011.pdf || Climate_4_2011.pdf || Exercise_1_2011.pdf || Exercise_2_2011.pdf

ACWA May 2011.pptx


2011 Annual Activities || 2011 Annual Findings


October 2011 Meeting Notes

Data sharing roundtable notes (.docx)

Final discussion notes (.docx)

November 2011 Delaware meeting posters (ppt)

November 2011 Delaware meeting posters, revised (ppt)

2012 CZO renewal proposal documents

Whole proposal (pdf)

Project description (pdf)

Project summary (doc)

2012 CZO Annual report