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Paperwork needed for field trips and other outreach activities

Field trips

Any non-UC employee is required to sign a waver of release of liability when participating in activities at the CZO. Use the UC risk services matrix for waivers and release of liability to determine if you need either a voluntary or required form for your event.

UC Risk Services Matrix for Waivers and Release of Liability (pdf)

Elective/Voluntary Activity Waiver (pdf)

Required Activities Waiver (pdf)

UC Risk Services website

Photo release form

This form is required if you plan to take photos or videos of the public and use them for purposes such as on the web site, in print media, in presentations, etc.


Please keep copies of these forms in the main SNRI office at the UC Merced campus.

Participating students under 18 need to have these forms signed by a parent or guardian.