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SSCZO seismic node deployment costing.pdf (April 2015)

2014 SSCZO Management Plan
2013 SSCZO Proposal Summary

SSCZO 2013 Annual meeting

May 2013 one-page highlights (pdf): 1: Evapotranspiration || 2: Outreach || 3: Regolith || 4: Sensor network
Powerpoints: 1.pptx || 2.pptx || 3.pptx || 4.pptx

CZO Fliers Southern Sierra CZO Informational Flyer || Water Balance Instrument Cluster Flyer

Instrument cluster book chapter: BookCh2.pdf.
Cite as: Bales et al., "Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry: Synthesis of Research and Future Directions", Delphis Levia (Editor), Darryl Carlyle-Moses (Co-Editor), Tadashi Tanaka (Co-Editor) 2011.

R. Bales slides from meeting w/ QLG, 9/23/10: pdf

CZO posters, Dec08 (ppt files): 3_CZO || ShaleHills || SouthernSierra || BoulderCreek

Water balance instrument cluster 1-page summary for NSF-OIA 01/09: pdf || ppt


3-CZO brochure for fall 08 AGU


Talk at fall 2007 AGU

Proposal: Project description || Project summary ||

CZO flyer, posted Oct 9, 2007: SNCZO2 || one-pager with photos provided to NSF

Poster (ppt) presented at WATERS testbed meeting in Baltimore, Oct 22-23, 2007

KREW Quality Assurance Project Plan (13 mb)

CZO Steering Committee charge

AndersonGES8 abstract for Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface conference (http://www.minersoc.org/GES8.htm) & Mineralogical Magazine.

Lidar acquisition Proposal to NSF Jan 16,09