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PHIL 003: Applied Ethics

Course Title Applied Ethics
Abbreviated Course Title Applied Ethics
Course Subject PHIL
Course Number 003
School Submitting Request SSHA
Division Lower Division
Effective Term Fall 2014
Discontinuance Term ----
Lower Unit Limit 4
Upper Unit Limit
Prerequisites with a Concurrent Option
Major Restrictions
Class Level Restrictions
Course Description Consideration of topics in applied ethics, which may include euthanasia, abortion, economic justice, world hunger, the treatment of animals, and punishment. This course will also cover some more general approaches to ethical thinking, such as theories based on rights and entitlements.
TIE Code T: Lecture plus Supplementary Activity
Reasons for Request New Course
Brief Explanation of Change(s)
Total Contact/Non-contact Hours Per Week Lecture: 3 contact, 8 non-contact
Lab: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Seminar: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Discussion: 1 contact, 0 non-contact
Tutorial: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Field: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Studio: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Total Hours Per Week 12
Grading Options Pass/No Pass Option for Everyone
In Progress Grading
Maximum Enrollment 100
Maximum Enrollment Reason ----
Cross-listed Schools ----
Can this course be repeated? No
How many times?
Resource Requirements Standard AV.
Does this satisfy a General Education Requirement? Yes
Course Outline and/or Additional Documentation PHIL 003 Course Outline.pdf (108Kb)
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