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BIO 148: Fundamentals of Ecology

Course Title Fundamentals of Ecology
Abbreviated Course Title Ecology
Course Subject BIO
Course Number 148
School Submitting Request Natural Sciences
Division Upper Division
Effective Term Spring 2009
Discontinuance Term ----
Lower Unit Limit 4
Upper Unit Limit
Prerequisites BIO 1 or BIO 5 or ESS 1 or ESS 5 or permission of the instructor
Prerequisites with a Concurrent Option
Major Restrictions
Class Level Restrictions
Course Description Introduction to the principles of ecology at population, community, ecosystem, landscape, and global scales.
TIE Code T: Lecture plus Supplementary Activity
Reasons for Request New Title
New Description
Brief Explanation of Change(s) 1) Better title 2) Slightly more detailed course description 3) Other: Addition of weekend field trip to course requirements 4) Other: Cross-listing with ESS 148
Total Contact/Non-contact Hours Per Week Lecture: 3 contact, 6 non-contact
Lab: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Seminar: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Discussion: 1 contact, 1 non-contact
Tutorial: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Field: 1 contact, 0 non-contact
Studio: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Total Hours Per Week 12
Grading Options Letter Grade Only
In Progress Grading
Maximum Enrollment 50
Maximum Enrollment Reason ----
Cross-listing ESS 148
Cross-listed Schools Natural Sciences
Can this course be repeated? No
How many times?
Resource Requirements TA (one 50% TA per two sections); Supplies and Equipment: LCD projector/screen/laser pointer, white board with pen/eraser; space - Classroom for lecture, classroom for discussion section; transportation for two weekend field trips (1/2 of class each trip); students will need access to a computer for discussion sections and homework
Does this satisfy a General Education Requirement? Yes
Course Outline and/or Additional Documentation BIO_ESS_148_Syllabus_09_CRF.doc (38Kb)
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