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ME 142: Mechatronics

Course Title Mechatronics
Abbreviated Course Title Mechatronics
Course Subject ME
Course Number 142
School Submitting Request Engineering
Division Upper Division
Effective Term Summer 2009
Discontinuance Term ----
Lower Unit Limit 4
Upper Unit Limit
Prerequisites ENGR 57 Dynamics, ENGR 65 Circuit Theory
Prerequisites with a Concurrent Option
Major Restrictions
Class Level Restrictions
Course Description Introduction to electro-mechanical systems controlled by microcontroller technology. The course covers theory, design and construction of smart systems; closely coupled and fully integrated products and systems; the synergistic integration of sensors, interfaces, actuators, microcontrollers, control and information technology.
TIE Code T: Lecture plus Supplementary Activity
Reasons for Request Pre-requisite Change
Brief Explanation of Change(s) Changing prerequisite from "ENGR 57, ENGR 165 Circuits" to "ENGR 57, ENGR 65 Circuit Theory."
Total Contact/Non-contact Hours Per Week Lecture: 3 contact, 0 non-contact
Lab: 3 contact, 6 non-contact
Seminar: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Discussion: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Tutorial: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Field: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Studio: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Total Hours Per Week 12
Grading Options Letter Grade Only
In Progress Grading
Maximum Enrollment 375
Maximum Enrollment Reason ----
Cross-listed Schools ----
Can this course be repeated? No
How many times?
Resource Requirements 1 TA per 15 students, supplies, equipment, and Mechatronics lab space will be needed.
Does this satisfy a General Education Requirement? No
Course Outline and/or Additional Documentation No course outline statement.pdf (2Kb)
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