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ME 143: Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Course Title Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Abbreviated Course Title Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Course Subject ME
Course Number 143
School Submitting Request Engineering
Division Upper Division
Effective Term Summer 2018
Discontinuance Term ----
Lower Unit Limit 4
Upper Unit Limit 4
Prerequisites ENGR 057 and ENGR 065 or by permission of instructor.
Prerequisites with a Concurrent Option
Major Restrictions
Class Level Restrictions Sophomores or higher
Course Description Prepares students with essential foundational, design, integration and operational knowledge to meet emerging UAS workforce demands. Topics include: UAS history, classification, applications, safety compliance; UAS components, basic aerodynamics, flight dynamics, navigation and control, payload integration, mission planning, sense-n-avoid; UAS use cases and other selected emerging topics.
TIE Code T: Lecture plus Supplementary Activity
Reasons for Request New Course
Brief Explanation of Change(s) This course was first offered in ME 190 (Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering) with 40 students in Fall 2016. It was offered in Summer (first 6 weeks session) 2017, and Fall 2017. It now needs its own CRF.
Total Contact/Non-contact Hours Per Week Lecture: 3 contact, 2 non-contact
Lab: 3 contact, 2 non-contact
Seminar: 0 contact, 1 non-contact
Discussion: 0 contact, 1 non-contact
Tutorial: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Field: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Studio: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Total Hours Per Week 12
Grading Options Letter Grade Only
In Progress Grading
Maximum Enrollment 48
Maximum Enrollment Reason ----
Cross-listed Schools ----
Can this course be repeated? No
How many times?
Resource Requirements 1. Who will teach the course? I teach Summer 2018. Dr. Brandon Stark teaches in Fall 2018. In future Ph.D. candidate in drones can teach. 2. What new equipment/supplies are required? We got donation from Intel. Lab is fully operational. So far we do not need anything further, good for at least one year. May need in future some accessories like batteries, motors, propellers etc. 3. What monetary expectations are requested for lecturer, TA, equipment, supplies, and/or other resources? LRF faculty summer teaching $10K max. per Provost rule. Lecturers TAs, standard rates.
Does this satisfy a General Education Requirement? No
Course Outline and/or Additional Documentation Draft-Syllabus for-the-proposed-ME143-Fall-2018 - v3.docx (66Kb)
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