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ENGR 057: Statics and Dynamics

Course Title Statics and Dynamics
Abbreviated Course Title Statics and Dynamics
Course Subject ENGR
Course Number 057
School Submitting Request Engineering
Division Lower Division
Effective Term Fall 2011
Discontinuance Term ----
Lower Unit Limit 4
Upper Unit Limit
Prerequisites (ICP 1A or MATH 21) and (ICP 1B or PHYS 8 or PHYS 18)
Prerequisites with a Concurrent Option
Major Restrictions
Class Level Restrictions
Course Description Fundamentals of statics. Kinematics and equations of motion of a particle for rectilinear and curvilinear motion. Planar kinematics of rigid bodies. Kinetics for planar motion of rigid bodies, including equations of motion and principles of energy and momentum.
TIE Code T: Lecture plus Supplementary Activity
Reasons for Request New Title
Brief Explanation of Change(s) Changing the title and changing contact hours from 4 hours of lecture only to 3 hours of lecture and 1 hour of discussion. This course reviews Newton's laws and applies them to structural systems. A separate discussion section by TAs and the instructor dedicated to the problem solving will serve the students better.
Total Contact/Non-contact Hours Per Week Lecture: 3 contact, 4 non-contact
Lab: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Seminar: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Discussion: 1 contact, 4 non-contact
Tutorial: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Field: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Studio: 0 contact, 0 non-contact
Total Hours Per Week 12
Grading Options Letter Grade Only
In Progress Grading
Maximum Enrollment 350
Maximum Enrollment Reason ----
Cross-listed Schools ----
Can this course be repeated? No
How many times?
Resource Requirements TA
Does this satisfy a General Education Requirement? No
Course Outline and/or Additional Documentation ENGR_057_Fall_2010_syllabus.pdf (263Kb)
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