The UC’s Bioengineering Institute of California consists of ten campuses with 8 Departments of Bioengineering with 339 faculty, over 750 graduate students and nearly 2,500 undergraduate students.

Since 2000, these departments have joined together for an annual symposium held in June at one of the campuses within the UC System. At each of the eight previous meetings, students and faculty came together to exchange state-of-the-art information and forge research collaborations.

In past years, each of the Symposia was attended by approximately 200 students and faculty, and there were approximately 25 podium presentations and 50 posters. Links are provided for previous websites where available:


2000 UC Davis
2001 UC Santa Barbara
2002 UC Berkeley
2003 UC San Diego
2004 UC Irvine
2004 UC Santa Cruz
2006 UC Los Angeles
2007 UC San Francisco
2008 UC Riverside