Accreditation System

Courses Syllabi for ( )

BIOE: Bioengineering
  BIOE021-01: Intro to Computing with Python ---
  BIOE060-10: Signal, Sys & Digital Img Proc Syllabus
  BIOE104-01: Biotransport Phenomena Syllabus
  BIOE124-01: Intro Biomed Imag ---
  BIOE130-01: Biothermodynamics Syllabus
  BIOE140-01: Biomolecular Engineering Syllabus
  BIOE166-01: Bioelectronics Syllabus
  BIOE215-01: Bio Imaging & Spectroscopy ---
  BIOE246-01: Aquatic Plastic Pollution Syllabus
CSE: Computer Science and Engineering
  CSE100: Algorithm Design and Analysis Syllabus
  CSE005-01: Intro Computer Applications Syllabus
  CSE015-01: Discrete Mathematics Syllabus
  CSE019-01: Introduction to Computing Syllabus
  CSE022-01: Intro to Programming ---
  CSE024-01: Advanced Programming ---
  CSE030-01: Data Structures Syllabus
  CSE031-01: Computer Organization Syllabus
  CSE106-01: Exploratory Computing Syllabus
  CSE111-01: Database Systems Syllabus
  CSE120-01: Software Engineering Syllabus
  CSE150-01: Operating Systems ---
  CSE160-01: Computer Networks Syllabus
  CSE165-01: Intro to Object Orient Program Syllabus
  CSE168-01: Distributed Software Systems ---
  CSE175-01: Intro to Artificial Intell Syllabus
  CSE176-01: Intro Machine Learning Syllabus
  CSE178-01: Computers & Networks Security Syllabus
ENGR: Engineering
  ENGR130: Thermodynamics Syllabus
  ENGR057-01: Statics and Dynamics Syllabus
  ENGR045-01: Introduction to Materials Syllabus
  ENGR057-10: Statics and Dynamics Syllabus
  ENGR065-01: Circuit Theory Syllabus
  ENGR096-01: Human-Centered Rsrch & Design ---
  ENGR120-01: Fluid Mechanics Syllabus
  ENGR120-10: Fluid Mechanics ---
  ENGR135-01: Heat Transfer Syllabus
  ENGR140-01: Intro to Object Orient Program ---
  ENGR151-01: Strength of Materials Syllabus
  ENGR155-01: Engineering Economic Analysis Syllabus
  ENGR180-01: Spatial Analysis and Modeling ---
  ENGR190-01: Capstone Design Syllabus
ENVE: Environmental Engineering
  ENVE010-01: Environment in Crisis Syllabus
  ENVE020-01: Intro to Environ Sci and Tech Syllabus
  ENVE110-01: Hydrology and Climate Syllabus
  ENVE130-01: Meteorology and Air Pollution Syllabus
  ENVE160-01: Sustainable Energy ---
  ENVE176-01: Water and Wastewater Treatment Syllabus
  ENVE184-01: Field Meth in Environ Chem Syllabus
MSE: Material Science and Engineering
  MSE010-01: Everyday Materials Syllabus
  MSE109-01: Materials Thermodynamics Syllabus
  MSE111-01: Kinetics and Processing ---
  MSE118-01: Intro Nanotech and Nanoscience ---
  MSE121-01: Mech Behavior of Materials Syllabus
ME: Mechanical Engineering
  ME001: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
  ME021-01: Engineering Computing Syllabus
  ME120-01: Component Design Syllabus
  ME129-01: Tribology Syllabus
  ME137-01: Computer Aided Engineering ---
  ME138-01: Intro to Comp Fluid Dynamics ---
  ME140-01: Vibration and Control ---
  ME145-01: Lagrange Dynamics ---
  ME190-03: Special Topics in ME ---
  ME211-01: Nonlinear Controls ---
  ME254-01: Computational Fluid Dynamics ---
  ME259-01: Rheology Syllabus
  ME290-03: Design of Engineering Experiments ---
BEST: Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies
EECS: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  EECS253: Computer Architecture and Design Syllabus
  EECS245-01: Parallel Computing ---
  EECS282-01: Adv Topics in Machine Learning Syllabus
  EECS283-01: Adv. Topics in Intel. Sys. ---
  EECS286-01: Adv Top in Computer Vision Syllabus
  EECS290-01: EECS Seminar ---
ES: Environmental Systems
  ES206-01: Instrumental Spectro Methods Syllabus
  ES234-01: Air Pollution and Resources Syllabus
  ES268-01: Life Cycle Assessment Syllabus
  ES288-01: Data Science ---
  ES292-03: Topics in Environmental Syst ---
  ES292-05: Topics in Environmental Syst Syllabus
MEAM: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
MBSE: Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  MBSE210-01: Structure of Materials Syllabus
  MBSE212-01: Thermodynamics and Kinetics ---