Accreditation System

Courses Syllabi for ( )

BIOE: Bioengineering
  BIOE100-01: Physiology for Engineers ---
  BIOE104-01: Biotransport Syllabus
  BIOE106-01: Cell Biology for Engineers Syllabus
  BIOE108-01: Genetic Engineering Syllabus
  BIOE113-01: Bioinstrumentation Syllabus
  BIOE126-01: Nanodevice Fabrication Syllabus
CSE: Computer Science and Engineering
  CSE005-01: Intro Computer Applications Syllabus
  CSE015-01: Discrete Mathematics ---
  CSE031-01: Computer Organization Syllabus
  CSE100-01: Algorithm Design and Analysis Syllabus
  CSE140-01: Computer Architecture Syllabus
  CSE165-01: Intro to Object Orient Program ---
  CSE170-01: Computer Graphics Syllabus
  CSE177-01: Database Syst Implementation Syllabus
  CSE179-01: Intro Parallel Computing Syllabus
  CSE180-01: Introduction to Robotics ---
  CSE021-01: Introduction to Computing II Syllabus
  CSE020-01: Introduction to Computing I Syllabus
  CSE195: Upper Div Undergrad Research Syllabus
  CSE195-08: Upper Div Undergrad Research ---
  CSE195-02: Upper Division Undergraduate Research Syllabus
ENGR: Engineering
  ENGR045-01: Introduction to Materials Syllabus
  ENGR057-01: Statics and Dynamics Syllabus
  ENGR065-01: Circuit Theory Syllabus
  ENGR097-01: Engr Service Learning ---
  ENGR120-01: Fluid Mechanics Syllabus
  ENGR130-01: Thermodynamics Syllabus
  ENGR140-01: Intro to Object Orient Program ---
  ENGR141-01: Env Sci Pol ---
  ENGR151-01: Strength of Materials Syllabus
  ENGR155-01: Engineering Economic Analysis Syllabus
  ENGR190-01: Capstone Design Syllabus
  ENGR191-01: Professional Seminar ---
  ENGR197-01: Engr Service Learning ---
  ENGR192: IP for Engineers & Scientists Syllabus
  ENGR135: Heat Transfer ---
ENVE: Environmental Engineering
  ENVE010-01: Environment in Crisis Syllabus
  ENVE020-01: Intro to Environ Sci and Tech Syllabus
  ENVE155-01: Decision Analysis in Mgmt Syllabus
  ENVE160-01: Sustainable Energy ---
  ENVE162-01: Modeling and Desig of Ener Sys ---
  ENVE176-01: Water and Wastewater Treatment Syllabus
  ENVE181-01: Field Meth in Snow Hydro Syllabus
MSE: Material Science and Engineering
  MSE112-01: Materials Selection & Performa ---
  MSE119-01: Materials Simulations Syllabus
  MSE126-01: Nanodevice Fabrication Syllabus
ME: Mechanical Engineering
  ME021-01: Engineering Computing Syllabus
  ME120-01: Component Design Syllabus
  ME137-01: Computer Aided Engineering Syllabus
  ME140-01: Vibration and Control ---
  ME141-01: Linear Controls Syllabus
  ME142-01: Mechatronics ---
  ME210-01: Linear Controls Syllabus
  ME220-01: Continuum Mechanics Syllabus
  ME261-01: Energy Storage Syllabus
  ME135: Finite Element Analysis ---
BEST: Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies
  BEST219-01: Materials Simulations Syllabus
  BEST221-01: Mech. Behavior of Materials ---
  BEST226-01: Nanodevice Fabrication Syllabus
  BEST291-01: Research Seminar Syllabus
  BEST295: Independent Study ---
  BEST211: Synthetic Biology Syllabus
EECS: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  EECS207-01: Digital Image Processing Syllabus
  EECS263-01: Cloud Computing Syllabus
  EECS277-01: Database Sys Implementation Syllabus
  EECS290-01: EECS Seminar Syllabus
  EECS295-051: Graduate Research Syllabus
  EECS295-060: Graduate Research Syllabus
  EECS295: Graduate Research Syllabus
  EECS295-37: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-38: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-39: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-40: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-41: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-42: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-43: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-44: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-45: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-46: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-47: Graduate Research ---
  EECS295-48: Graduate Research ---
ES: Environmental Systems
  ES200-01: Environmental Systems Syllabus
  ES260-01: Sustainable Energy ---
  ES262-01: Modeling and Des of Energy Sys ---
  ES291-01: Environmental Systems Seminar Syllabus
  ES292-01: Topics in Environmental Syst Syllabus
MEAM: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics